Benchmark Audit

Self-Checkout | NCR

Project Overview

As the lead user experience designer for NCR's self-checkout system, my primary objective was to establish a comprehensive baseline for measuring the success of a new generation design. To achieve this, my team and I conducted a thorough audit of the legacy system which lacked any previous research to inform its design. We evaluated each component of the system using rigorous usability tests to establish a benchmark study, allowing us to identify areas of both high and low performance. To ensure an optimal user experience, we also performed a content audit to refine syntax and reduce linguistic obstructions, aligning the system with real-world use cases - a key heuristic identified in Nielsen Norman Group's 10 Usability Heuristics. The new UI design is an ongoing effort and was set to be released in Q2 2021. Please note that to respect NCR's intellectual property, further details regarding the new design are available upon request.


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