Health Age Assessment

A human centered approach to a historically burdensome process

Project Overview

The Health Age assessment, developed with the world-renowned health experts of Cleveland Clinic Wellness, starts by measuring weight and blood pressure followed by behavioral and lifestyle questions. The assessment takes the average user 4-5 minutes and ends by using an algorithm to analyze results and reveal Health Age compared to actual age.

Upon completing the assessment, users are shown the top three things to improve Health Age. The results screen provides users with personalized recommendations. The Health Age is available on both web and kiosk platforms.

Project Goals:

  1. Simple and intuitive assessment on kiosk and web environment
  2. Inform users of potential health risks based on self-attested inputs and non-invasive biometric measurements using a proprietary algorithm
  3. Display respective health recommendations based on output

Formative Studies:

  • Competitive Analysis Performed on Existing Industry Health Appraisals

Existing User Quantitative Surveys:

  • Gather Basic Demographic Information
  • Understand Domain Knowledge
  • Gauge Interest Level and Health Information Prioritization

Field Contextual Interviews and Observation:

  • Understand Domain Knowledge
  • Observe Users Interacting in the Retail Environment
  • Gauge Interest Level and Health Information Prioritization
  • Discover Additional User Wants and Needs Outside of Protocol

Summative Studies:

  • Task Completion and Efficiency (Contextual)
  • Error Collection and Measurement
  • SUS (System Usability Scale)

Health Age Assessment Displayed on iMac Computer Desktop

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