User Centered Design Methodology Adoption

A human centered approach to solving design problems

Project Overview

I began my journey at Pursuant Health as a visual designer with a strong interest in user-centered design. With the guidance and support of my mentor, Ryan Sloan, I began to advocate for a significantly stronger focus on the importance of the user experience in the organization. Due to the lean business environment, it was critical that I supported our product and marketing efforts in addition to remediating the existing user experience. After a few years of supporting both efforts, I was able to transition the product and marketing initiatives to individual self-sustaining departments.

In 2017, I shifted my attention to personal and professional development and growth. I carefully researched opportunities through which I could advance within the HCI field with a more meaningful and expansive skillset. After seeking advice and guidance from HCI leaders and various department heads at Georgia Tech, I established a goal: Apply for admittance into the Georgia Tech Masters in Human Computer Interaction upcoming Fall 2018 class – and I got in!

In the fall of 2018 I began to devote my time and efforts to user experience initiatives at Pursuant Health, while working diligently in the Georgia Tech MS HCI program. In January 2019, I successfully made the case for an official User Experience department within the company. We approached our design problems with a phased strategy (MVP) based on our development resource constraints. With a focus on design thinking and full support from the management team, we implemented a new design process:

1. Research/Understand
2. Wireframe/Sketch (feedback)
3. Design
4. Test
5. Analyze
6. Repeat

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